Teen mom films herself beating and suffocating 5-week-old baby daughter and sends video to kid’s dad

A 19-year-old woman from Hialeah was arrested Sunday on accusations that she filmed herself abusing her 5-week-old daughter after she got into an argument with the baby’s father and then sent him the videos showing the abuse.

According to her arrest report, Bryunna Joyce first sent the baby’s father a video of her slapping their daughter four times.

“U think I won’t kill her. Say it again,” Joyce allegedly texted the man.

Among the other texts sent, according to police, were:

“I’m just act like it’s (an) accident.”

“She is dead.”

“She is dead laying (in) the car seat.”

“Like a dog.”

“F*** this baby.”

“Well this getting boring. I’m really treat your child like dog s***. I’m just (going to) send u videos. No more talking. I never sit up here stole from u no nth to u ntn are all u can stop with the msg I can care less.”

According to City of Miami police, Joyce told her daughter’s father that she was going to give “this b**** cat foot” and then sent him another video showing her throwing the baby off the bed.

Police said the videos also show Joyce grabbing the baby by the throat, placing her hand over the baby’s face and holding a thick blanket over the baby’s face for 37 seconds as the baby cried and moved her face around in order to breathe.

Authorities said Joyce also recorded herself rocking the baby’s car seat back and forth, causing the baby to hit her head on the bottom of the car seat about five times.

Police redacted Joyce’s statements to detectives from the arrest report.

Police have not confirmed the extent of the victim’s injuries.

Joyce was arrested on charges of written threats to kill or do bodily harm, domestic battery by strangulation and child abuse without great bodily harm.

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