Loyal Dogs Protect Autistic 3-Year-Old Toddler In The Wilderness Until Rescuers Come To Save Them

Marshall Butler, a 3-year-old toddler, recently went missing when he wandered off into the woods surrounding his Florida home. Searching teams were shocked when they saw how two loyal dogs escort and guard the non-verbal autistic boy and kept him away from danger until help came along.

It all started when little Marshall was playing with his two dogs, Buckwheat and Nala, in his family's back yard. The boy decided to go off on an adventure, and his two doggos weren't going to let him do it on his own. Seeing that their 3-year-old boy is missing with their dogs, Marshall's parents alerted their neighbors and began scanning the neighborhood vigorously. They also informed the police who formed a special rescue team together with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Sadly, the hours went by, and there was no sign of the little boy and his loyal dogs. With all the professional search and rescue teams searching for Marshall, it was his neighbor that finally tracked him down. The 3-year-old was wandering along the riverbanks with his two four-legged-friends, keeping him away from danger. Marshall, who was wearing nothing but a diaper, survived the incident without a scratch thanks to his two loyal guardian dogs.

After reuniting with their beloved toddler, the family thanked the search and rescue teams and their neighbors. The couple didn't overlook the part their two doggos played in their son's safe return. The two thanked the doggos with endless treats and petting. Buckwheat and Nala were there to steer their son away from dangers when there was no else around. It's quite likely that the two dogs are the reason Marshall is still alive and well today. Good job!

Watch the video portraying how the two dogs guard the 3-year-old autistic boy, here:

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